400 Centennial Drive
Pierz, MN 56364
Phone: (320)468-2113
Fax: (320)468-2755

REDWOOD INDUSTRIES INC is a millwork with over 35 years of experience in manufacturing a wide variety of wood products.  We are located about 100 miles northwest of the twin cities in the farming community of Pierz, Minnesota, and are at the southern edge of Minnesota lake country.   Pierz offers the best of two worlds – access to city resources while surrounded by abundant recreational opportunities.  We have a wide variety of equipment and serve customers across the nation and internationally.  With our equipment we can create or recreate virtually any type of product from wood or wood composite.


Redwood Industries has four distinct lines of work:

· Storm Doors & Windows

· Casual Furniture

· Custom Job Shop

· Remanufacturing & Milling


Our door and window division has an innovative line of custom designed and crafted doors and windows.  This includes decorative screen doors; round top and elliptical top storm doors; traditional and bent glass storm windows and screens; café doors and a wide variety of louvers and shutters.


Our casual furniture division designs, markets and sells an established line of Adirondack furniture under the PRAIRIE LEISURE DESIGN name. These products cover all ranges of life: kiddie, junior, adult and grandparent as well as several types of tables and flower boxes.  See www.prairieleisure.com.


The custom job shop work offers the most flexibility.  We have worked with entrepreneurs in the design & manufacture of products such as; toys, quilting hoops, exercise equipment, educational products, nut crackers, etc.  The products are special because they involve not only building the products but also developing a working relationship with the customer-the key success in any plan.


Our milling and remanufacturing operations produce a diverse line of products that challenge our skills because they often require new and different production systems, procedures or equipment.  These products are produced under tight manufacturing deadlines and close tolerances.


All of our products are made in Minnesota and the paint used on our furniture has been tested by an independent laboratory in the USA and complies with the provisions of section 102 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

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